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The city of Columbus is the capital and largest city in the state of Ohio. It was named after the explorer Christopher Columbus. It has been recognized as the 8th best large city in the United States to live in and has a diverse economy which is founded on technology, education, healthcare, and insurance. The city is ranked the 15th largest city in the United States. It offers many tourist attractions to keep the visitors happy.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a fun place for the whole family. It brings over 1.5 million visitors a year and is home to 6,000 animals. The exhibits are displayed by eight different regions of the world. If you do not feel like walking, there is other ways of transportation through the zoo. There is a train that goes around the North American exhibit, and also a boat that rides around the islands of the Southeast Asia exhibit. One of the favorite displays at the zoo is the Shores exhibit. It includes manatees, which is very popular because it is only one of the three exhibits outside of Florida to have the mammals. You can also find flamingos and alligators in the Shores exhibit. Other animals you will find throughout the zoo include leopards, koalas, and orangutans. The zoo is open year-round so whenever you are in Columbus, the animals are available for you to see.

If you are in the mood for a little shopping, stop by the North Market. It can be considered both a supermarket and a shopping center. There are many merchants that rent out spaces and sell a variety of items. You will find delis, bakeries, produce stands, and ethnic food restaurants. Over one million shoppers visit North Market every year. It is no surprise because of all the wonderful foods you can find. Best of the Wurst is one of the vendors. It is a deli that specializes in bratwurst. CaJohns Flavor & Fire offers award-winning salsas, sauces, and dips. One of the most well-known vendors in the market is Jeni's Fresh Ice Creams. Flavors to try include dark cocoa gelato, salty caramel, and wild berry lavender. Yum! There is sure to be something to take care of any craving you may have. There are also vendors that sell items such as dishes, cookware, and coffee accessories.

Many visitors enjoy the Columbus Museum of Art which is located in downtown Columbus. It used to focus mainly on European and American art, but in more recent years, has added more exhibits being of contemporary art and a photography collection. Some must-sees of this museum include early cubist paintings by Picasso and Juan Gris, and art by Edward Hopper, and Norman Rockwell. In the museum you will also find a cafe, an outdoor gallery that consists of sculptures, and an interactive children's exhibit known as “Eye Spy: Adventures in Art”.

When visiting Ohio's capital, be sure to add these places to your schedule. There is much more that Columbus has to offer. There is something always happening, such as a festival, or an expo. It is sure to be a fun urban adventure for the whole family.

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Tourist Attractions In Columbus, Ohio


Hawaii, translated from the ancient Hawaiian language should mean paradise, because that's what it is. Hawaii has a climate that varies only several degrees in temperature year round and the sun always shines. The rainy season is in January, but it isn't so rainy that it deters visitors. In fact, winter is one of the most popular times of year to visit Hawaii. This is probably because it is cold and dreary just about everywhere else in the United States. Hawaii makes for the perfect getaway for Californians because it is only about a three hour flight.

Hawaii makes for a great family vacation because of the wide variety of activities or no activity at all. (if laying on a perfect sandy beach is your thing) All of the islands offer a variety of family friendly activities. Such as swimming or surfing on one of Hawaii's amazing beaches. Wakiki is a family friendly beach located on the island of Ohau. The waves are long and shallow offering a good family atmosphere. Wakiki is a good place for beginners to learn to surf because the waves or not so treacherous. Because Honolulu is a big city, you can even find fast food to satisfy those hungry youngsters.

While on Ohau, be sure not to miss the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. This memorial is both powerful and sorrowful. After watching a brief movie depicting the horrific attack on Pearl Harbor, visitors will take a short ferry ride out too the memorial. The memorial actually floats on top of the sunken ship. Once you get off the ferry, you can walk back to the wall that lists the name of every person that died that dreaded day in December.

Ohau is also home to the Wakiki Aquarium, the Honolulu zoo, and the Sea life park. The park has a 300,000 gallon tank, where you can see sharks, rays and thousands of reef fish. You can even swim with the dolphins here. The kid's will love the dolphins.

The island of Maui hosts the Maui Ocean Center, which is the largest tropical aquarium in the United States. Maui is also a good place to windsurf, and has tons of different waterfalls. The resort area of Ka'anapali is located on the western coast of Maui, and is home to the island's best golf courses. This is where you will find the large high-rise resorts. They have plenty of pools for the kids to swim in. The beach here, however, is not quite as kid friendly as Wakiki Beach. The rip currents can be strong and Maui is much windier that Honolulu. The calmer beach at Kihei, might be a little more kid friendly.

If horsebacking riding is more your style, you should visit either the North Shore of Ohau, or the big island of Hawaii or Kaua'i. Of course, don't forget the Luau. Luaus make for great family fun and can be found on any of the Hawaiian islands. The fire eaters and beautiful Polynesian dancers are sure to impress kids of all ages. Whatever your idea of family fun, Hawaii is sure to please.

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Hawaii The Perfect Vacation For Families


Even if horseback riding has been a basic part of your lifestyle since you were a child, as it has been for many Americans, it is something which has just recently begun to become popular on the island of Mauritius. The newfound interest in this sport is one reason why it is something you should try during your Mauritius vacation. You may be delighted to see how quickly the interest has grown in your longtime favorite sport. It will certainly add a touch of adventure to your vacation!

One evidence of the growing popularity of horse riding is the availability of a horse riding vacation package. This package will give some knowledge and experience to a person who is essentially unfamiliar with this sport. On Mauritius, it will not matter if you are not an expert at horse riding, because until quite recently the sport was virtually unknown on the island. If you are a skilled rider, however, you will not only gain much enjoyment from this experience, but you may also be able to give a few horse riding tips to those who are completely unfamiliar with the sport!

When you select a horse riding package, you will stay at a lovely little guest house which is specially reserved for the horse riders. You can have a ninety-minute ride around the farm, where you can view a variety of wildlife from atop your horse.

After you have learned and experienced the basics of horse riding, you and the other horse riders will venture further out into the countryside, where you can ride through a delightful country village and enjoy the picturesque scenery. When you ride through the countryside, you will surely agree that it is one of the most beautiful that you have ever seen and being able to see it all from atop a horse will make it all even more enjoyable.

The horse rides occur three times per day. You can sign up by yourself, or book the trip for your entire family. These longer rides, which last between two to three hours, also include a delicious lunch beside a sparkling-clear river for all of the horse riders.

If you had not thought about incorporating horse riding into your vacation plans, it will surely be a worthwhile prospect. Whether you have been horseback riding throughout most of your life, or if it will be a brand-new experience for you, it is one which you will certainly enjoy.

At present, horse riding which is available to the public is located in the north region of Mauritius. It is considered to be a means of seeing the sights, as well as enjoying the horses. With this relatively new sport's fast-growing popularity, the horse riding holiday packages are expected to increase in their availability.

In the meantime, if your Mauritius vacation destination is focused in the northern part of the island, you will have a lot of fun if you put a horse riding package on your vacation agenda.

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Horse Riding On Your Mauritius Vacation


There is a reason why so many people love mountain biking it is a very enjoyable sport! If you do not already know why it can play an important part in your Mauritius vacation, it is not a secret that Mauritius has some of the most beautiful mountain areas to be found anywhere in the world. When you decide to fit time in your vacation for mountain biking, you will have some of the most healthy exercise available to you, as well as seeing these magnificent mountains for both your viewing and photographic pleasure.

When you decide to try mountain biking on Mauritius, you will find that you have a number of options so that you can tailor your biking trip to your own preferences. These options range in degree of difficulty, so that each person can ride the track which is the most comfortable and safe for his or her own personal needs; tracks which wind through the mountains as well as those which will give you a spectacular view of the ocean; and tracks where you can see wild animals, mills, and reservoirs.

Each of the five organized mountain bike excursions consists of a day-long trip that will be absolutely unforgettable. There is no limit to the gorgeous scenery you will see during your biking excursion, so be sure you remember to take along a camera and a supply of film so that you can capture these views forever. If you have a compact-sized digital camera, that will be an added convenience.

As these organized mountain biking excursions are located in the north, south, southwest, and central parts of Mauritius, these factors account for the differences in both terrain and sightseeing. If your preference is to be able to view the vast, beautiful beaches of Mauritius, the northernmost excursions will suit you the most.

The rocky cliffs which are the most prominent in the southern areas may prove to be more to your liking. The central portion of Mauritis will provide the easiest mountain biking, although it is the only organized excursion which requires all participants to be at least twelve years of age, whereas the other excursions allow children from age ten and up to participate.

A vacation is intended to be as jam-packed with fun as possible; and a mountain biking excursion is a certain way to make that true! Whichever specific excursion suits you the best, and regardless of whether or not you have any experience with biking, you are sure to find the one that will help you to get the most enjoyment from Mauritius's great outdoors.

If it is fun you want, fun is what you will have in mountain biking; and you will also have the added bonus of it being one of the healthiest forms of exercise that exists. After you have experienced for yourself exactly how much fun mountain biking is on your Mauritius vacation, you may very well decide to take this new interest home with you.

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Mountain Biking On Your Mauritius Vacation


For the casual hiker or the novice, the Grade 1 routes are a gentle introduction to the Dolomites with virtually no risk of a fall. These routes might be walked just to experience the beauty of the mountains.

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An Introduction to the Via Ferrata Dolomites Posted By : obereggen