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Costa Rican Cruises

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Some people want to take the slow boat to China deal by doing a cruise to Costa Rica leaving out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with stops in Costa Maya, Limon, and Colon, Costa Rica and you can spend 8 days on a Carnival Cruise down to Costa Rica and experiencing port of calls along the way. This is a lot more exciting than being cramped on a flight when you can spend all the time relaxing and having a good time before you get to the ports of call, which is on days 3,5 and 6. Each stop is approximately one day long and there's only one stop in Costa Rica that is on day 5 of the trip.

You can just sit back and look out on to the ocean and take in the next breath of air so clean you forgot you're not in the city. Par t of the fun about a cruise is the nighttime sky when you can walk out on to the deck and look at the clearest sky around. Most tourists enjoy that where they can go walking around the deck at night and the cost doesn't come cheap you're looking at about $3-5 grand for a week and a half or longer that's why tourists need to plan their trip well to make sure you can get the most of out of it financially.

Carnival cruises is one of the lines that does have stops in Costa Rica as their port of call and usually there's a trip through the Panama Canal, but it's just straight down south winding your way through the Caribbean islands and stopping in some places, but you spend more time out on the water than you do stopping on land. Sailing instead of flying just buys you more time to relax comfortably instead of being squashed up inside a plane for a few hours when you can spend a few days chilling out on the deck and enjoying a drink while taking in some rays. There are a lot of cruise ship websites out there that can tell you when you should book your trip since like the airlines prices change quickly in a matter of a day.

So it's ideal to get email notices about the fares so you can book them quickly. Doing your homework can ensure you get the best fare possible for your money since it's not exactly cheap to go on a ship. The average person spends a couple years saving up for a cruise and booking when the price is not so high since like flying cruises are costly at certain times of the year.

Booking a year early is your best bet in getting the dates you want so you're not paying full fare when the reduced rate is offered to you in advance to give you a chance to book your cabin. Cabins are booked by level and are priced differently. The most expensive would be towards the front.

Costa Rican Cruises


Known as the “Sunshine State,” Florida is one of the world's most popular tourist attractions. Renting a beach house is an excellent alternative to staying in a hotel or condo, as it provides you will the feeling of home and gives you more privacy.

However, Florida waters are home to sea life and aquatic plants that can make you seriously ill. Additionally, an abundance of creatures including snakes, alligators, and insects, lurk in marshes, retention ponds, under plants, and burrow in the sand.

Before you head out to discover Florida's beaches there are a few precautions which should be taken to ensure you have a safe and fun-filled vacation.

David McRee, author of “How to Be Safe from Sharks, Jellyfish, Stingrays and Rip Currents” offers a free copy of his book to visitors at his Beach Hunter website. This 72-page guide has been endorsed by the Chief of Safety for the Florida Air National Guard, saying that this book is the most complete and comprehensive information on beach safety he's ever seen. Considering it's free, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by downloading this informative and educational guide.

Volusia County is located in Northeast Central Florida. It is known as the “Shark Bite Capital of the World.” However, to date there have been no fatal shark bites in the county and most occur near the Ponce de Leon Inlet. Juvenile Black Tip and Spinner sharks cause the majority of shark bites in Volusia County. These sharks prefer this area due to the abundance of bait fish. Additionally, this area provides the best waves for surfers and is oftentimes more congested than other area beaches.

According to the International Shark Attack File, more than 85 percent of shark bites in Florida occur during the months of March through October and happen between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. The United States Lifesaving Association estimates your chances of being bitten by a shark in Florida at one in one million.

To lessen your chances of being bitten by a shark, never enter the water if you are bleeding. Sharks are attracted to blood and you can become a target. This includes menstruation bleeding. Avoid swimming in murky waters, as sharks are unable to see that you are human and may mistake you for a fish. Last, but not least, swim with at least one other person and don't swim too far away from the shore.

It's important to realize that not all Florida beaches have lifeguards. Although many of the public beaches do have lifeguards on duty during daylight hours; beaches in front of hotels, resorts, and state parks are completely unguarded. Fort Myers does not have any lifeguards at all; nor does the entire county of Lee.

Rip currents frequently occur in Florida. This phenomenon is caused by a strong water current moving from shallow water to deeper water. If you are swept up in a rip current, it can carry you out for quite some distance. Do NOT attempt to swim against the current. Instead, do your best to remain calm and relax, while swimming parallel to the shore until you are out of the current.

If you have never been surfing, hire an instructor to teach you the proper techniques. Thousands of people are injured each year and hundreds drown because they underestimate the power of the waves. Most importantly, never surf alone.

Several Florida beaches allow watercraft to pull directly up to the shore; particularly jet skis. If you're swimming in an area where people and watercraft are in close proximity, it's crucial for you to be aware of your surroundings at all times. To avoid being hit by a boat or other watercraft, stay close to the shoreline and never venture out past the first sandbar. It's nearly impossible for a large vessel to see your head bopping up and down in the water, so avoid swimming too far away from the shore.

Stingray injuries are common during the summer months. Stingrays tend to rest in shallow waters — the same place where humans like to play. A stingray has a sharp barb on top of its tail. The barb contains a venomous poison, which it injects into anyone who gets too close. Stingrays do not intentionally set-out to cause harm to human. They only sting when a human gets too close and invades their territory.

If you are stung by a stingray, it's a good idea to seek medical attention. Stingray venom can cause a drastic decrease in blood pressure, dizziness, and possible anaphylactic shock. Stingrays are difficult to see because they have the ability to change color and blend in with the environment. When walking in water where stingrays may be resting, it's recommended to wear shoes and shuffle your feet as you walk.

Jellyfish are very common in Florida and there are several different species. All jellyfish have tentacles that hang down from its body. These tentacles have stinging cells that are filled with venom and microscopic harpoons. When the tentacles touch something, they inject their neurotoxin venom into their victim. Some jellyfish have very weak venom that when injected feels similar to a bee sting. Other jellyfish have deadly venom, which can result in death.

The most dangerous jellyfish in Florida is the Portuguese Man of War. It appears as a clear bubble floating on top of the water, and has a deep purple body and tentacles that can reach up to 200 feet in length. If you see one Man of War, chances are good there are others in the area. It's strongly advised to get out of the water as quickly as possible and warn everyone around you. A Man of War sting can be fatal to anyone, but particularly young children and the elderly.

Sea Lice is a common occurrence on the lower east coast of Florida during the months of March through August. Sea lice are not lice at all, but the larvae of the Thimble Jellyfish. The larvae get caught between bathing suits and skin, causing an uncomfortable stinging sensation and possible rash. The rash can last for several weeks and has been known to cause nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain in children.

If you encounter Sea Lice, remove the swimming suit and shower as quickly as possible. The swimsuit should then be washed in hot water in a washing machine and dried in a dryer. Washing by hand or hanging dry is not sufficient to eliminate the larvae.

There is an abundance of alligators in Florida. If there is a body of fresh water, chances are good an alligator can be found lurking around. Avoid swimming in fresh water lakes and rivers while visiting Florida. The chances of encountering an alligator in fresh water locations are high, so stick to swimming near the shoreline of the ocean.

Mosquitoes and sand flies are the most prevalent and troublesome insects on the Florida beaches. A sand fly looks like a tiny gnat and many of Florida's mosquitoes are carriers of the West Nile Virus. If you intend to go fishing or visit any of Florida's national parks, it's strongly advised to wear an effective insect repellant.

Other creatures to look out for at the beach include crabs and spiny fish. Stone crabs live under rocks in the water and have powerful claws. Horseshoe crabs have a spike on their tail and are found in the shallow waters of the bays. Keep your eyes open for dead fish on the beach. Many of them have spines that can cause intense pain if you step on them. It's best to wear shoes when walking on the beach, particularly during the evening hours.

Although there are many dangers on the beaches of Florida, as long as you are aware of them you can decrease you chances of being hurt. If you'd like to know more about the dangers of Florida beaches, download the free ebook mentioned above or type in “Dangers of Florida Beaches” at your favorite search engine. As they say awareness is empowerment and if you plan on strolling or swimming Florida beaches, it's a really good idea to be aware!

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Precautions To Consider When Renting A Beach House In Florida


The panhandle state's economy relies on a heavy amount of tourism. The local beauty and warm temperatures draw people from around the world. Let's forget Disneyworld for a minute and focus on an exclusive romantic getaway in Florida. For a sensational romantic getaway in Florida how about going on vacation on a private island in the Florida Keys?

Exotic and Private

South Seas Island Resort is beyond fabulous. This wonderful paradise located on Captiva Island features hidden luxury for those that like to be spoiled. Bring your mate to the Florida Keys for an escape of a lifetime. This Romantic getaway in Florida is sure to meet all of your expectations. The blue water and lush tropical foliage make this resort the perfect escape from your hectic lives. Imagine a private island surrounded by crystal blue water in the warm tropical sun. You and your mate will be giggling like teenagers on this exciting romantic getaway in Florida. South Seas Island Resort is a prime getaway that will relax your body mind and soul.

The resort is at the end of the small island amongst tropical trees. It is surrounded by sandy white beaches and a broad horizon that will dazzle the senses. You and your mate can frolic on the shore or dive in and enjoy the soft surf. It's true nothing beats this fun filled romantic getaway Florida getaway.

Captiva Island is a tropical paradise and South Seas Island Resort is a unique experience. In private, you and your mate can indulge in your deepest fantasies while basking in the sun and enjoying world class amenities. Luxury will be expressed in this world class hotel. It is bound to make your romantic Florida getaway a memory to last a lifetime. Let go of the worries and headaches back home and enjoy a sumptuous meal or morning beach walk. Afterwards go back to your luxury suite that has the comforts of home.

You can have up to a four bedroom place with a private screened balcony. In addition to a full kitchen, each room has a coffeemaker, newspaper delivered daily, room safe, microwave, refrigerator, hairdryer and more. The grounds feature a nine-hole golf club and a yacht harbor. Tranquil beauty, privacy and luxury are all part of the experience. For a unique romantic Florida Getaway Captiva Island will delight the senses.

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Instead of renting a high priced hotel room, you can go and rent yourself a villa for $1500 a week which is cheap. Comparing to a hotel room costing that much, and with a villa you can get more like a eat in kitchen and actual bedrooms not just a single room. You can rent out up to 6 bedrooms if you have a group of 12 of more.

Costa Rican vacation rentals provide some upscale properties you can rent by the week and is in perfect view of the oceanfront. The homes are privately owned so you don't have to worry about waking up to dealing with hundreds of other hotel and resort guests. You can wake up in a normal home environment exactly how many people are used to on a daily basis. It's feeling like you're at home. Costa Rican vacation rentals also offer amenities like tours around the area, car rentals, social activities, recommending local restaurants and taverns, and more. The management team that is on-site is committed to assisting you through your stay.

All the homes come fully furnished complete with a full kitchen, DVD-CD stereo, satellite television, private pool with waterfall, and central air conditioning. Dishes and beds are maintained with maid service the company provides during your stay. This is what some people call a great vacation because having a house over a hotel room or resort, is actually much more peaceful than to just deal with annoying hotel guests.

And you can wake up and have a cup of coffee without the hustle and bustle of a hotel having to wake up at once to make it to breakfast. Basically you can shower and relax as you were at your own home. Renting a house is actually much better if you're planning to bring family and friends, so it's a lot more relaxed and stress free and nobody dealing with having their rooms all screwed up where as everyone has a room and is comfortable.

The nice thing is that honeymooners would appreciate renting a house because it's much more private than a hotel or resort and it's putting the romance back into the environment. When you have your own space and not having to deal with anyone outside of the confinements of your villa. What's even more convenient is that all the properties in the area are within 20 minutes of the Liberia International Airport, when you depart to fly home which is nice because the staff will ensure that you get to the airport to catch your flight home. Too many places where some people are just too far away and have to leave super early just to make it in time for check in, and have enough time to get to the gate so they can get their boarding passes.

At least this place you can relax and get to the airport on time and still make your flight on time. According to the website people who loved staying there left comments about coming back which says a lot for the company's reputation.

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Cocoa Beach Florida Beaches and Getaway Vacations
Here is an idea for something  REALLY  Special to give your Sweetie for Christmas this year!

How about an Affordable last minute Romantic Escape or Discounted Weekend Getaway in late December or January to somewhere warm, like a Relaxing, Sunny Florida Beach!

Check out an Affordable Weekend Getaway or Discounted last minute Romantic Escape at this link!
— a special Gift you will BOTH enjoy!

See you at the beach! As usual, I’ll be the grey haired guy taking pictures and videos of the ocean waves on the beach while my Wife reads a Quilting Magazine in a chair nearby.

Have a great Christmas with your Sweetie and your Family!  Gene Seecann

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How about a VERY Special Gift for your Sweetie (and You!) this Christmas?