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Have you been to Asia before? If not, the very first place that you need to visit is India because this is an excellent place for tourists like you. For about 5,000 years now, India has been celebrating life and all its pleasures. If you find exotic, colorful, and mysterious places memorable, this is the best place for you. Despite the changes and diversities in India, the country is still a picturesque and a unique tourist destination. If you want an adventure travel in India, start packing your things now and catch the next flight. You can find a unique civilization and culture in India.

In fact, the country's civilization is among the oldest in the world. The imagination of tourists is always captivated of India's legends and culture. There are many legends to tell and if you listen to them, your imagination will surely run wild. You can get in touch with the locals so that you can learn more about their culture and way of life. By doing so, you can also make new friends there. An adventurous soul would also love to visit monuments and you can find a lot of them in India.

Enjoy the intricate splendor of mosques, temples, secular structures (bridges, step-wells, and tanks), and canopies found in the different regions of the country. Don't forget to visit the pink city (Jaipur), blue city (Jodhapur), golden city (Jaisalmer), and romantic city or the lake city (Udaipur). You can find all these cities by going with a Rajasthan tour. Ask a tourist guide about their trip schedules so that you can also join them. Aside from the intricate architectural structures in India, you can also find adventure in the tropical jungles, resorts, the Gangetic Plains, golden beaches, and the mighty Himalaya. Lovely beaches can be found in Goa, as well as independent cultures. There are many local spots that you can choose from, so make sure that you choose one that you can get the most excitement ever.

Spa and ayurveda resorts can be found in Kerala. There are also lovely resorts and beaches there. If you're on a beach vacation, the ocean, sand, and palms of Kerala can give you life's greatest adventure. Extreme adventures are also welcome if you travel to the Himalayan ranges in India. If you're a sports lover, you can join the Himachal tours. You can enjoy trekking together with other sports in the Himalayas. If wildlife fascinates you and captures your adventurous spirit, you can check out India's safari.

There are national parks that you can visit all over India where you can see different kinds of birds and the in-demand tigers. Another place that you can visit is Mumbai where you can find Haji Ali, Hyderabad's Charminar, the beautiful gardens and valleys of Kashmir, Rajasthan's rustic beauty, Ooty, Manali, Shimla, and Uttaranchal. If you've been to India before, perhaps these places are already familiar to you.

But for your next trip, why don't you organize your tour destinations so that you can enjoy the vacation there?

By planning ahead, you can save time and money because you'll know the right places to go to. Make the most out of your stay in India. Traveling can get very expensive but if you visit a place like India, everything is worth it. You will not regret visiting such a beautiful place and you will have the greatest adventure travel in India.

Adventure Travel In India A Once In A Lifetime Experience


Going on your Tanzanian safari can be the dream vacation of a lifetime. Heck, it's more of an adventure! Therefore, you don't want the memories of your safari to be clouded by illness. You should remember viewing majestic lions, galloping zebras and breathtaking sunsets and vistas. So how do you keep your health intact while visiting an exotic destination such as a Tanzanian safari?

As with visiting any foreign country, there are certain rules you have to comply with in order to even get in and out of the country. For instance, did you know that you will need several inoculations to even cross into Tanzanian borders? With mosquitoes being the universal pest worldwide, you should do everything you can to keep from getting bitten. Because with mosquito bites in Tanzania, Africa, you are more likely to contract malaria, yellow or dengue fever. These are just the tip of the iceberg. The potential for other sicknesses is great.

It is important to note that while on safari, you will want to avoid any stagnant water sitting in lakes or ponds. This water carries all sorts of diseases and none of them good. In addition, do not walk barefoot near any watering holes. Because animals often drink from there, they also tend to relieve themselves there too. Some animals carry parasites and other little beasties which you can contract through your bare feet.

There is another reason why you should not walk near the edge of any body of water. You have no idea of which animals might approach the area for a drink of water and you also have no idea of what animal just might pop right out of the water and eat, err, check you out. Crocodiles and even hippos are possibilities. Both are mean and lethal. Can you believe that hippos have the worst reputation and the deadliest mouth in regards to germs?

When you visit any villages or small towns, do not buy food from street vendors. Some of it is not prepared in the cleanest environment and therefore could contain any number of pathogens. If you must buy food, choose fruits that you have to peel yourself or wash thoroughly with soap and water.

Drink bottled water only. Do not rely on the water from any wells, watering holes or rudimentary plumbing. Be sure to bring a water purification kit. You can find them in most camping and outdoor supply stores. If you have the need for more water, a water purification kit can help you with creating a supply of clean water. And if you have access to fire, you can also heat up water to boiling for several minutes. Let the water cool and then use or drink as needed.

Follow the instructions that your safari guides tell you. They know what is a smart thing and dumb thing to do. In fact, not following the directions of your Tanzanian guide could mean a matter of life and death literally. From avoiding snakes and other animal encounters, there is some obstacle to your health just around the next bushy tree on safari.

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Keeping Your Health During Your Tanzanian Safari


Are you an Albany, New York resident, especially one that has plans to fly out of the country? Whether you actually live in the Albany area or live in the surrounding areas, there is a good chance that you may need to use the services offered by the Albany International Airport. Whether you have already booked your flight or you are getting ready to, it may be a good idea to take the time to famialrize yourself with this popular airport.

As previously mentioned, the Albany International Airport is deemed a popular and well known airport. Aside from the fact that the airport has arriving and departing international flights, the airport is also well known for its location. Albany is the capital of New York State. For this reason, a large number of individuals, families, and business owners make use of the facility. When flying out of the Albany International Airport, you are advised to examine the airport as you would any other airport, including domestic airports. This may entail examining the security procedures, the airport layout, as well the services offered by the airport.

Perhaps, the first thing that you should examine is the airlines that service the Albany International Airport, namely the ones that offer international flights. Although a number of airlines service the airport, you will find that most popular airlines include Northwest Airlines, United Airlines, and Air Canada. If you haven't already booked a reservation on an international flight, this information will come in handy. It will prevent you from examining airlines that cannot provide you with what you need.

Once you have made your flight reservations, you can begin to focus on other aspects of your travel plans. One of other aspects that you will want to focus on is international air travel safety, rules, and regulations. Unlike many domestic flights, there are some international flights that have additional rules and restrictions. These additional rules may include additional baggage screenings or the banning of items that are allowed on airplanes in other areas of the world, except for where you are going. Once you have made your airline reservations, you should be able to obtain more information on international flights by contacting your airline or by visiting the online website the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). That online website can be found by visiting

When packing for the Albany International Airport, is not only important that you leave behind prohibited items, but is it also important that you bring along the important items. These items are the documents that you will need to have to travel out of the United States. Depending on where you are traveling to, you may need more than a simple picture id. In many cases, such as overseas travel, you will find that you need to supply a passport, visa, certificate of citizenship, birth certificate, or social security card, in addition to your driver's license or government issued identification card. It is important to make sure that you have all of the required documents before arriving at the airport. If you do not, it is likely that the Albany International Airport security staff would prohibit you from boarding your plane.

If you have never been to the Albany International Airport before, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the layout of the airport. This will not only help to ensure that you know where you are going, but where you can find restaurants, bathrooms, and onsite retail stores. With a number of different airport terminals and parking center, the Albany International Airport could be difficult to navigate, especially for those who are first-time visitors. For those reasons, you may want to view an online map of the establishment. You can find this map by visiting

In addition to getting an online map of the Albany International Airport, you can also learn other information that you may have previously been unaware of. Whether this information solely focuses on the Albany International Airport or is general information on international air travel, it is likely that this information will come be useful to you, if not now then in the future.

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Doesn't a vacation to Australia sound great? Well, depending on where you live, you can expect a long airplane flight – as long as eighteen hours! Within that length of time, you are susceptible to a number of illness from colds and dehydration to a more serious problem called deep vein thrombosis or DVT.

When you are essentially trapped on an airplane for a long period of time, you have the potential to form blood clots in your legs, simply because you have been sitting for too long in one place. Of course, deep vein thrombosis can also form after other lengthy modes of travel like a train, bus or car. However, it is plane rides that often cause the cases of deep vein thrombosis.

Blood clots form all the time in your body, but for the most part, your body re-absorbs them quite easily. The danger of DVT exists in that one or more of these blood clots in your legs could extricate and makes its way through your blood vessels and become lodged in your lungs, heart or even brain. Serious, life-threatening conditions could occur. Of course, with some individuals, the risk factor is higher for forming deep vein thrombosis. Here are just a few of these instances:

1. Pregnancy

2. Obesity

3. Edema

4. Old age

5. The use of certain medications

6. Previous stroke or heart attack patients

While previous medical conditions most definitely contribute to deep vein thrombosis, even seemingly healthy individuals can experience it. There are some preventative measures you can take on these long trips to greatly reduce your chances of developing these life threatening blood clots. First of all, if you have any of the risk factors listed above, you might want to consider wearing compression stockings. You can find them in most pharmacies.

Other precautionary measures include wearing non-constrictive clothing and comfortable shoes. Take short walks around the airplane cabin as you are able to exercise your legs and promote blood flow. Try not to cross your legs as blood could pool in certain areas and increase your risk of blood clots. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Avoid sodas and alcohol as they tend to leach fluids out of your system. Perform some simple leg exercises at your seat such as flexing your leg muscles or straightening them out when possible. Finally, try not to store you purse or bag below your feet as that will hinder your movement, thus increasing clot risks.

If you are not familiar with the symptoms of deep vein thrombosis, acquaint yourself with them. You may notice swelling around the ankle or foot area all the way up to the calves. You may experience some pain with the swelling. If a blood clot breaks free and lodges in one of your lungs, you may experience breathing problems and chest pain.

While deep thrombosis does happen to people every year, it is not commonplace. However, don't become complacent. Be sure to practice some of the preventative measures listed above as a precautionary measure. It is always better to be safe than sorry. After all, you want to enjoy that vacation you have worked so hard for!

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Mobilize Efforts To Avoid Travel Related Deep Vein Thrombosis


Are you in search of a vacation spot where you can find a lot of tourist places? Well, if you are, perhaps it's time you visit India. Tourists from different countries flood India and the main reason is because it offers fascinating and attractive tourist places that is so rich in history, culture, heritage, peoples, and sightseeing. You will surely need some travel destination tips when you visit India in order to have the best vacation ever.

Some of the most popular travel destinations in India are here in this article. Make use of these travel destination tips to get the most out of your India travel.

The very first place that you need to visit is Rajasthan. This is India's largest state in the west. You can find stunning palaces, forts, and monuments. If you love deserts, this is the best place. Royal stays are welcomed in the converted resorts and hotels which were before havelis and palaces. Some of the spots you can visit are Amber fort, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Jaisalmer fort, camel fairs, and camel safari.

Next stop are pilgrimage tours. Many pilgrims take place in India as it is rich in cutlture and religions. Some of the pilgrim sites inlucde varanasi, haridwar, rishikesh, and amritsar golden temple. You can find architecture marvels that serve as a place for worship. If you like pilgrims, join one while you're in India.

The third is wildlife tours. You can find around eighty national parks and more than five hundred animal sanctuaries. Those individuals who like wildlife can visir Kanha and Bandhavgarh sanctuaries located in Madhya Pradesh, Ranthambore and Sariska found in Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh's Dudhwa and Corbett parks. You can enjoy the safari tours and trekking in the different wildlife destinations.

Yoga and Ayurvedic tours are also quite popular in India. You can have recreational holidays in India's ayurvedic hospitals, helath resorts, and colleges. In Kerala, you can find South India's ayurveda centers where you can spend some time to refresh your body.

For those individuals who love foods, festivals, religion, and culture, you can go to South India. Aside from that, you can also go sightseeing of India's temples. The most popular is Taj Mahal, and then there's also Jantar Mantar. Taj Mahal is also called the 'monument of love' and it can be found in Agra city. This temple was built by Emperor Shahjahan for Mumtaz Mahal, his wife. You can also visit carved temples, majestic forts, and other architectural wonders.

So there you have it, the greatest travel destinations that you can go while you're in India. You can surely create lasting memories there especially if you travel with your family or friends. Prepare for a grand vacation in India so that you too can visit the different tourist places there. It's one-time life experience that you shouldn't miss. Try saving some money now so that you can make your dream India trip come true.

These India travel destinations tips are very useful especially for first-time India visitors. You should prepare yourself before you actually go there so that you won't get lost and you know the right places to visit. Focus on the places that catch your interest so that you can make the most out of your time in India. Enjoy and relax because this is the time to savor the pleasures offered by such a very interesting place like India.

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